What is VitaCuro?
VitaCuro enables users to have a continuous, convenient, cost effective care by connecting with choice of doctors. Users can have their Electronic Medical Records, and get alerted based on their health conditions on Health parameters like Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Blood Oxygen Saturation etc. Doctors can prescribe diagnostic Tests, medications and alerts are provided for patients to follow treatment plans so as to improve care quality.
Can I connect with a real doctors?
Yes! You can search for doctors on platform and connect with them for either physical or virtual consultation and share your medical records easily and obtain the care with convenience from home. If you don’t find your doctor on VitaCuro, please invite Doctor for free to join VitaCuro as it helps to get quality of care from your Doctors.
Is my health data secure?
Your health data is encrypted and securely stored. Based on your consent, the data would be shared with the choice of doctors and healthcare providers.
What do I need to use VitaCuro?
You need an internet connection and a computing device to use VitaCuro, VitaCuro is available as 1) a mobile app 2) a web application. If you have activity trackers like Fitbit or Bluetooth enabled medical devices like OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor, iHealth devices (BP, Blood Glucose, Weighing Scale, Pulse Oximeter) you should use mobile app which would allow to connect and Automatically updates the records. VitaCuro is going to continuously add support for many devices and please write to for the upcoming supported device list.
My parents/family member live away from me, but I would like to be part of their care
Your parent/family member can add you as a family member and you would be able to see their health and be an active partner in their well being despite distances.
How do I get technical support if required?
The applications are very intuitive in use it takes little time to get used to. There are user guides and videos available for your convenience. If you still have questions, please email to
What is included in my Usage?
The platform usage entitles you to use certain features of VitaCuro and enables you to stay healthy. As part of the usage you would have few free minutes for having video consultation and if you need more minutes you can always buy additional video minutes.
As part of usage, you can connect with multiple doctors and have your health issues taken care of with convenience.
Can my usage fees be paid by Hospital/Clinic?
Yes! Certain hospitals/Clinics may have healthcare packages to provide continuous care to their patients, and as part of the package, VitaCuro usage might be available to you.
What happens if my usage fee paid by Hospital/Clinic expires?
We alert both you and Hospital/Clinic on the impending expiry of usage, and we advise any of you to take action to continue the usage by hospital/clinic or transition to personal plan
Can I transition my usage plan paid by Hospital/Clinic to individual?
Yes! You can change your usage plan to individual based if you find the hospital/Clinic package is not working for you and continue to use VitaCuro for your health needs. Please reach out
What happens if my usage plan expires?
You still can log-in and view your earlier medical records, but you would not be able to update any of the medical records nor you can consult/share your health data with your doctors.
Can I renew expired usage plan?
Yes! You can renew usage plan and start using VitaCuro again. Please reach out
How do I know my order has been registered for processing?
You will receive SMS message from the service provider confirming the order.
You will also receive a call from their call center to review the order and confirm for processing.
In case of Pharmacy, the pharmacist reviews the order and confirms for delivery.
In case of Diagnostics, you will be informed about the schedule for Phlebotomist’s visit for sample collection.
How do I make the payment ?
In case of Pharmacy, You will receive the payment link via SMS once the order is confirmed. After payment, you will receive SMS with ETA for delivery of Pharmacy.
In case of Diagnostics, the Phlebotomist will trigger the payment link during the sample collection.
How do I receive the report for diagnostics test?
You will received the report as PDF file to your email. You will also receive a SMS message with a link to download the report.
How do I cancel the order?
You can cancel the order from the cancel option in the app against the order. In case of Pharmacy, Cancellation option is available post confirmation of the order.
You can call the call center to check on the refund policy and status of refund. Please refer the Order ID which is shown in the app against the order for support
How do I change the schedule for sample collection or modify the order?
You can change the schedule from the app against the order for sample collection.
For modification of the order, Please call the support center number mentioned in the SMS message you would have received during the processing of order. Please refer the Order ID which is shown in the app against the order.
Whom do I reach out for support in case of any grievances?
You can call the support center number mentioned in the SMS message you would have received during the confirmation of order. Please refer the Order ID which is shown in the app against the order for support